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Chaplaincy And Ethnography


Interviews and reviews consist of both play and depth, offering relatability for anybody listening to feel inspired and encouraged to move through any change in life with solid growth. 

Transformative stories and insights organized into a collection to explore contrasts and similarities in the many facets and
transitions within the cycles of birth and death, throughout life.


The network podcast is meant to reveal the natural heights reached within the capacity of open hearts and open minds, where the soul communicates and interacts the body and mind, so that spirit may move through more readily and fluidly.

The focus on chaplaincy allows for the notion of life being one extended interpenetration. In which case, birth and death are apart of life, and ought to be embraced for one to be fully embodied and present in the moment. 

For instance, since it is one's duty to die -- how and why does one (choose to) prepare?

The method of acoustemology within ethnomusicology, anthropology, and ethnography is the main factor at play. In other words, the interviews consist of a focus on how sound may bring one closer to inner awareness and allow for consciousness to sync-up with the flow of life.

The value of this artifact is the weaving of worlds, emphasizing how the entire spacetime continuum is required to be embraced for the the soul to accept the here and now, in which the past and the future are acknowledged and addressed with responsibility and accountability so that one may feel more free and enlivened.

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