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Hello, my nickname is Lav
Maurena Leigh McKee is my given name. Alongside audio-video making and ethnographic fieldwork, I enjoy learning new trades and skills, gardening, painting, baking, writing, and the list goes on, while also witnessing and documenting the experience of growth and transformation as a soul becoming human.

In this website, along with professionalism -- you may also find three paths of yoga: the artifact equating to Bhakti Yoga (path of devotion), the portfolio equating to Karma Yoga (path of action), and the archive  equating to Jñāna Yoga (path of knowledge) -- forming one pathway.




2021 - currently

Graduate Theological Union

MA, Sacred Texts and Interpretation

2017 - 2020

UC Berkeley

BA, Anthropology and Education

2015 - 2017

Santa Rosa Junior College

AA, Anthropology

2012 - 2013

Ball State University

College of Communication, Information, and Media

Center for Dharma Studies - (Hindu) Yoga Studies
Department of Religion and Practice - Interreligious Chaplaincy Program

Currently focused on designing MA Capstone Project

Honors Thesis Program
• Studied ground-level ethnography and oral history about “free speech” and the structure-agency debate
• Researched soundscapes and vocal expression with homeless in People’s Park as a place-based history
• Acquired knowledge about contradictions in democracy and efforts toward user-land development
• Supervised by anthropology faculty members, directed on critical thinking and analytical writing skills

Practicum in Education
• Studied empowering education and ecopsychology with children at a day-long summer camp
• Researched social emotional skills from an organization dedicated to “neurodiverse” learning styles
• Acquired knowledge about special education services and advanced learning objectives in practice
• Supervised by a clinical psychologist, directed on innovative curriculum and problem-solving skills

Highest Honers
• Activities and societies: Library Assistant, Interior Design; Film Studies and Cultural Anthropology

Dean's list recipient 
• Activities and societies: Something Else Sketch Comedy Club; Something Else Sketch Comedy Radio


Rita Sherma, Kamal Abu-Shamsieh, Pravina Rodrigues, Cogen Bohanec, Nancy Scheper-Hughes, Charles Briggs, Charles Hircshkind, Daniel Fisher, Steven Feld


I was born into a family embracing yoga and ecology. I grew up in a small farm and cooperative in beautiful rural Wisconsin, USA.

Formative Years

Starting the Free Thinker's Club 
at Greenwood Community High School ~

Actively participating into a radio station contest to elect Justin Bieber as principal for the day ~

Organizing the high school broadcast team and editing the daily announcements ~

Basketball ~

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